6 Things to Know Before Relocating Your Business

Professional mover assisting in a business relocation.

There are many reasons why a company may want to pursue business relocation. Moving can lead to cost savings in a less expensive city, a fresh market for new hires, expansion opportunities overseas, or facility upgrades. But just as with a personal move, moving a business requires quite a bit of planning to do it…

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Corporate Moving: How to Simplify a Cross Country Move

Office packed up and ready for a corporate move

A corporate move, with its abundance of computer equipment, desks, files, and office supplies, makes the simple family move look like dorm room re-location. A family move can take a good week before the new location becomes liveable again, while the corporate move interrupts business as usual for at least a month.  Still, you can…

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Customs Clearance: Everything You Need to Know

A customs declaration form attached to a shipment. Part of the customs clearance process.

Understanding the customs clearance process is critical for shippers looking to import or export their goods safely and efficiently. Let’s start with the basics.    What Is Customs Clearance? The customs clearance process essentially authorizes goods’ movement, whether those goods are imported into a country or exported out. There are several steps to consider as…

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5 Benefits of Sea Transportation

Aerial view of a cargo ship transporting goods by sea.

Air. Road. Sea. Each has unique benefits for companies that have global logistics needs.   Sea transportation is most commonly used for: Regular, bulky shipments: Large or bulky items like vehicles and machinery often make air shipping out of the question. Trucking multi-ton monsters over roads result in prohibitive fuel costs. Of course, large items…

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What is Global Logistics?

Remember how long you had to wait for hand sanitizer and PPE to appear on store shelves? As consumers, we’ve witnessed first-hand the impact of COVID-19 on transport and logistics. Thanks to home deliveries, shortages, and shipping delays, global logistics have never been more visible than they are today.    Logistics’ value as a competitive…

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Thinking Outside the Box: How to Find the Right Shipping Container

Has your business grown to the point at which you need to think about types of shipping containers?    While these giants of shipping may seem foreign, you’ve already been using them. For example, almost everything you buy for your home and office travels overseas in shipping containers.    As you grow your outbound logistics…

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The Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on the Transport Industry

COVID-19’s impact on transportation has been undeniable. And while we can’t know when the pandemic will end or where it will take the shipping industry, don’t underestimate the importance of transportation to the world’s economic recovery and, more importantly, to your company’s recovery.     To help you understand the most promising long-term transportation solutions, we’ll…

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The 11 Steps of Flight Transportation

When your shipment needs to go far and fast, there’s no substitute for flight transportation. And for time-sensitive or expensive cargo, like medical supplies or electronics, it’s long been the mode of choice. In some situations, it’s even the least costly option.   Still, deciding to ship via air is the easy part. Flying a…

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How to Choose an International Moving Company


Moving your business or home to another country may be one of the biggest changes you’ll ever make in your life. Understandably, you want to be sure that such a change happens as smoothly as possible. An experienced international moving company can take much of the anxiety out of the moving process, but only if…

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The Effects of COVID-19 on Commercial Transport

When was the last time the entire world needed emergency supplies? Just as COVID-19 has forced millions into remote work or furloughs, companies in commercial transport, even with less volume, are working harder than ever. Consumers need more goods delivered to their doorstep than ever, business-to-business traffic has plummeted, and the demand for PPE has…

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The Benefits of Outsourcing to a 3PL and What It Entails

Remember when your only concern was selling more products to more customers? Congratulations! Unfortunately, your celebration may be short-lived. Now that you’ve leaped one hurdle, you’ve encountered a new one – scaling your business. Perhaps you have difficulty meeting delivery commitments. Or maybe you’ve seen costs rise as you pay premiums to overcome shipping delays.…

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What Do Logistics Companies Do and Why Are They Important?

No matter what type of business, shipping has a direct impact on a company’s overall profitability.  The complex nature of transportation and shipping requires the coordination of goods from the origin to the destination.   This is what logistics companies do to make transactions seamless. In the U.S. the logistics industry is growing—in 2018, the…

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