How to Choose an International Moving Company

Moving your business or home to another country may be one of the biggest changes you’ll ever make in your life. Understandably, you want to be sure that such a change happens as smoothly as possible. An experienced international moving company can take much of the anxiety out of the moving process, but only if you choose the right one.

If you’re going to move your family or business to another country, here are some tips for finding the best international moving companies to help you.


Reputation Matters

One of the most important tips anyone can follow when choosing international movers is to look into companies’ reputations before selecting one. Are they registered with IAM (International Association of Movers)? Also, check online reviews which are good resources for learning more about other customers’ experiences with these movers.

You need to make sure you’re dealing with insured and licensed moving professionals. 


Start Early

Moving internationally is much more complicated than moving domestically for a number of reasons. In addition to customs and lots of paperwork, you’ll need to arrange for shipment of all of your belongings by air or sea. Making those arrangements is a long process, so it’s a good idea to get started planning your move as soon as possible. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can wait until a few weeks before the big day to choose a moving company. The best companies are always booked first.


Look for Specific Experience

Lots of moving companies will say they can arrange for an international move, but unless they have a lot of experience in that area, you’re taking a big risk. Make sure that the moving company you choose has a lot of experience in coordinating and executing international moves.


Insist on Customs Expertise

When hiring an international mover, make sure it is familiar with the customs formalities and regulations for the country of your destination. Reputable international movers will provide you with all the anticipated charges such as port fees and customs duties (if applicable) as well as documentation required for a smooth customs clearance. He must be able to coordinate with his local partner the delivery of your personal effects to your new residence.


Get at Least Three Estimates

Get at least three on-site estimates from reputable international moving companies before making your final decision.

When comparing the received offers, do not look at the final price only – check what services are included, what time frame is quoted, what shipping method will be used, what company will handle your possessions in the destination country, etc. Have in mind that a lower price may mean lower quality services.


Read the Moving Documentation Very Carefully

Pay special attention to the fine print and make sure all the negotiated terms and conditions, required extra services and their corresponding charges, as well as the agreed time frame of your move and the final moving costs are clearly stated in the contract you are about to sign. Do not sign the contract unless you understand and agree with all the clauses in it and never ever sign incomplete or blank documents!

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