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A Guide to Jewelry Shipping, Packing, and Bulk Shipping

There can be some additional stress involved in jewelry shipping. Shipments are typically higher value, and you want to avoid theft or loss to the…

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Professional Guidelines for Safe Art Transportation

Artwork can be easily damaged in transport if you’re not careful. Use this guide for safer art transportation to prevent unfortunate mishaps due to improper…

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Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the Holidays? Navigating Supply Chain Demand

Consumers and retailers have been told to continue managing expectations with a post-pandemic supply chain that has yet to return to normal levels. Adding annual…

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Road Transport Challenges With Out-Of-Gauge Cargo

Oversized goods that don’t fit conventional shipping containers are considered out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo. When cargo exceeds standard shipping sizes, road transport and logistics are important….

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6 Common Misconceptions About Sea Transport

Sea transport, or sea freight, is one of the most common ways to transport large containers and shipments. It maintains popularity despite recent challenges, including…

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Tips for Working With Out of Gauge Cargo

Industries that regularly work with oversized goods know all about out of gauge cargo and the intricacies of choosing a cargo container to suit their…

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How to Navigate Rising Container Shipping Prices

Container shipping prices increased fourfold compared to this time last year as the post-pandemic supply chain continues to experience historic disruptions.   Last-minute shipping negotiations…

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

A sustainable supply chain layers financial stability with environmental impact solutions and a company’s contributions to society. Implementing sustainable practices in your supply chain is…

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How to Approach Increasing Global Transportation Costs

Higher global transportation costs appear here to stay, despite a world economy that seems on the verge of some semblance of normalcy. That leaves an…

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Supply Chain Changes to Expect Post-Pandemic

As pandemic recovery begins, the transport industry will have a new set of challenges to face. These supply chain changes are no longer all about…

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Logistics After Brexit

January 1st, 2021 marked the start of the Brexit transition period, and the UK has effectively left the  EU’s customs union and single market. Customs…

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A Complete Guide to Road Transport

You have options when it comes to shipping your goods. Whether that’s by sea, by air, or by road transport, a system that has been…

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6 Things to Know Before Relocating Your Business

There are many reasons why a company may want to pursue business relocation. Moving can lead to cost savings in a less expensive city, a…

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Corporate Moving: How to Simplify a Cross Country Move

A corporate move, with its abundance of computer equipment, desks, files, and office supplies, makes the simple family move look like dorm room re-location. A…

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Customs Clearance: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the customs clearance process is critical for shippers looking to import or export their goods safely and efficiently. Let’s start with the basics.   …

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5 Benefits of Sea Transportation

Air. Road. Sea. Each has unique benefits for companies that have global logistics needs.   Sea transportation is most commonly used for: Regular, bulky shipments:…

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What is Global Logistics?

Remember how long you had to wait for hand sanitizer and PPE to appear on store shelves? As consumers, we’ve witnessed first-hand the impact of…

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Thinking Outside the Box: How to Find the Right Shipping Container

Has your business grown to the point at which you need to think about types of shipping containers?    While these giants of shipping may…

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The Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19 on the Transport Industry

COVID-19’s impact on transportation has been undeniable. And while we can’t know when the pandemic will end or where it will take the shipping industry,…

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The 11 Steps of Flight Transportation

When your shipment needs to go far and fast, there’s no substitute for flight transportation. And for time-sensitive or expensive cargo, like medical supplies or…

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How to Choose an International Moving Company

Moving your business or home to another country may be one of the biggest changes you’ll ever make in your life. Understandably, you want to…

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The Effects of COVID-19 on Commercial Transport

When was the last time the entire world needed emergency supplies? Just as COVID-19 has forced millions into remote work or furloughs, companies in commercial…

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The Benefits of Outsourcing to a 3PL and What It Entails

Remember when your only concern was selling more products to more customers? Congratulations! Unfortunately, your celebration may be short-lived. Now that you’ve leaped one hurdle,…

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What Do Logistics Companies Do and Why Are They Important?

No matter what type of business, shipping has a direct impact on a company’s overall profitability.  The complex nature of transportation and shipping requires the…

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Outbound Logistics: What Is It and What Are Some Examples?

Logistics is the effective management of the flow of goods.  Inbound logistics focuses on the purchase and movement of parts and materials to the finished…

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The Major Components of Logistics Management

Logistics has become a complex process in which companies need to manage their entire supply chain efficiently.  Logistics management is the movement of goods from…

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HLOGCAM’s Recent Community Involvement

Over the past few months, HLOGCAM has been involved with a variety of shipping projects that benefit the county of Cameroon in a variety of…

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How to Use Courier Service for International Shipping

With advancements in shipping technology and more commerce taking place on digital platforms than ever before, small and large business owners alike must meet the…

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Understanding Central Africa’s New Common Tariff

Proposed changes to trade regulations in central Africa have been in the news a lot lately. In an effort to consolidate CEMAC and ECCAS communities…

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Everything You Need to Know About Logistics

Logistics is a term used to describe the workflow procedures of a business enterprise. One of the most popular branches of logistics is “logistics management,”…

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Why A Customs Clearance Service is Absolutely Necessary

Countries vary widely in shipping rules and regulations. If you ship things internationally, you know how frustrating it can be to navigate all the varying…

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The Differences Between Independent 3PL and Large 2PL Logisticians

When shipping a product, whether it’s a single item for an individual or numerous items for a business, choosing the right shipper is essential. While…

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How Professional Moving Specialists Help When Moving Your Business to a New Office

Moving from one office to another isn’t anything like moving into a new home. When it comes to home moving, many people can get away…

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When Road Freight is the Best Option to For Your Shipments

Every business is given the choice of three different transportation options for their products—road, sea, and air. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. While…

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Cameroonian News Update: The Autonomous Port of Kribi

For those who missed the news, January 21, 2019, marked the first official date of operation for the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK). The multipurpose…

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How to Use a Freight Forwarder to Prevent Shipment Delays

We’re living in the age of free 2-day shipping and instant purchases as an expectation for everything available online. For retail businesses and e-commerce companies,…

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Why Moving Services are Necessary for International Moves

There’s nothing more exciting than an international move. It’s an opportunity for a whole new life: getting to explore new cultures and broaden your horizons….

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Determining the Import and Export Pipeline for Your Business

The Importance of Import and Export Services In today’s highly interconnected and globalized world, most businesses target international audiences to maximize their profit potential. Any…

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The Best Solution For Shipping Oversized Cargo To Customers

When you’re shipping oversized goods, everything from insurance to customs and containers and timelines becomes a complicated process. Your first action item should be to…

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How Can Freight Forwarders Assist With The Customs Clearance Process?

Customs clearance involves the preparing and submission documents that allow the facilitation of exporting or importing goods into the country. The documents required for customs…

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How to Select the Right Shipping Container for Commercial Transport

If transporting goods is a crucial factor in your business growth, you are already aware of the delicate balance it involves between time and cost-effectiveness….

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How a Freight Forwarder Delivers Value with Shipping Logistics

In retail, e-commerce, or product-focused business, shipping logistics can quickly become time-consuming and costly. Transporting goods from the manufacturing facility to a warehouse or point…

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How Does A Freight Forwarding Company Work?

For as long as humans have traded goods, there have been various forms of shipping. Whether on foot, by horse and even in one case…

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What Kind of Shipping Containers Should I Use When Moving Abroad

There’s nothing more exciting than moving abroad. It’s an opportunity to get an entirely new perspective on the world. You will experience fresh food, culture,…

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