6 Common Misconceptions About Sea Transport

Cargo ship at sea

Sea transport, or sea freight, is one of the most common ways to transport large containers and shipments. It maintains popularity despite recent challenges, including rising shipping container prices and difficulties meeting supply chain demands during a global pandemic.     While these challenges have been well-documented, particularly over the last year, misconceptions remain about sea…

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Tips for Working With Out of Gauge Cargo

A truck transports out of gauge cargo on a desert highway.

Industries that regularly work with oversized goods know all about out of gauge cargo and the intricacies of choosing a cargo container to suit their needs.   However, companies new to working with out of gauge cargo may not know where to begin.    Suppose you move through the process the right way, from choosing…

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How to Navigate Rising Container Shipping Prices

A vessel carries shipping containers in a harbor.

Container shipping prices increased fourfold compared to this time last year as the post-pandemic supply chain continues to experience historic disruptions.   Last-minute shipping negotiations are even worse off, a signal that the current situation is far from over. Understanding the causes behind the surge and navigating a challenging shipping environment is paramount to financial…

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

A sustainable supply chain layers financial stability with environmental impact solutions and a company’s contributions to society. Implementing sustainable practices in your supply chain is often favored in the consumer’s eyes and can showcase your brand as an agent of needed change in the industry. Supply chains that ignore the impacts of their decisions can…

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How to Approach Increasing Global Transportation Costs

Earth view from space. Shipping destinations connected by line and dot graphics. The concept of global transportation.

Higher global transportation costs appear here to stay, despite a world economy that seems on the verge of some semblance of normalcy. That leaves an international transportation industry looking for ways to navigate those increasing costs without passing them on to consumers or seeking ways to balance supply chain costs in other ways.   So…

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Supply Chain Changes to Expect Post-Pandemic

As pandemic recovery begins, the transport industry will have a new set of challenges to face. These supply chain changes are no longer all about furloughed employees, managing blended services, and meeting product demand for panicked consumers.    While supply chain leaders showed resiliency over the last year, they will need to continue to find…

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Logistics After Brexit

The concept of Brexit. EU flag and British flag moving in opposite directions.

January 1st, 2021 marked the start of the Brexit transition period, and the UK has effectively left the  EU’s customs union and single market. Customs procedures for trade between the EU and UK have been applied and have a considerable impact on the logistics sector.    BREXIT AND THE LOGISTICS SECTOR  The logistics sector aims…

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A Complete Guide to Road Transport

Trucks transporting goods on the highway.

You have options when it comes to shipping your goods. Whether that’s by sea, by air, or by road transport, a system that has been in place since the time of horses and oxen pulling goods to where they needed to go.   What is road transport exactly? Put simply, it is a type of…

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6 Things to Know Before Relocating Your Business

Professional mover assisting in a business relocation.

There are many reasons why a company may want to pursue business relocation. Moving can lead to cost savings in a less expensive city, a fresh market for new hires, expansion opportunities overseas, or facility upgrades.   But just as with a personal move, moving a business requires quite a bit of planning to do…

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Corporate Moving: How to Simplify a Cross Country Move

Office packed up and ready for a corporate move

A corporate move, with its abundance of computer equipment, desks, files, and office supplies, makes the simple family move look like dorm room re-location. A family move can take a good week before the new location becomes liveable again, while the corporate move interrupts business as usual for at least a month.  Still, you can…

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Customs Clearance: Everything You Need to Know

A customs declaration form attached to a shipment. Part of the customs clearance process.

Understanding the customs clearance process is critical for shippers looking to import or export their goods safely and efficiently. Let’s start with the basics.    What Is Customs Clearance? The customs clearance process essentially authorizes goods’ movement, whether those goods are imported into a country or exported out. There are several steps to consider as…

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5 Benefits of Sea Transportation

Aerial view of a cargo ship transporting goods by sea.

Air. Road. Sea. Each has unique benefits for companies that have global logistics needs.   Sea transportation is most commonly used for: Regular, bulky shipments: Large or bulky items like vehicles and machinery often make air shipping out of the question. Trucking multi-ton monsters over roads result in prohibitive fuel costs. Of course, large items…

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