Corporate Moving: How to Simplify a Cross Country Move

Office packed up and ready for a corporate move

A corporate move, with its abundance of computer equipment, desks, files, and office supplies, makes the simple family move look like dorm room re-location. A family move can take a good week before the new location becomes liveable again, while the corporate move interrupts business as usual for at least a month.  Still, you can…

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Customs Clearance: Everything You Need to Know

A customs declaration form attached to a shipment. Part of the customs clearance process.

Understanding the customs clearance process is critical for shippers looking to import or export their goods safely and efficiently. Let’s start with the basics.    What Is Customs Clearance? The customs clearance process essentially authorizes goods’ movement, whether those goods are imported into a country or exported out. There are several steps to consider as…

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5 Benefits of Sea Transportation

Aerial view of a cargo ship transporting goods by sea.

Air. Road. Sea. Each has unique benefits for companies that have global logistics needs.   Sea transportation is most commonly used for: Regular, bulky shipments: Large or bulky items like vehicles and machinery often make air shipping out of the question. Trucking multi-ton monsters over roads result in prohibitive fuel costs. Of course, large items…

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Everything You Need to Know About Logistics

Logistics is a term used to describe the workflow procedures of a business enterprise. One of the most popular branches of logistics is “logistics management,” which is the management required to transport and store goods between two destinations (called a “point of origin” and a “point of consumption”). Oftentimes, shipping orders require the coordination of…

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The Differences Between Independent 3PL and Large 2PL Logisticians

When shipping a product, whether it’s a single item for an individual or numerous items for a business, choosing the right shipper is essential. While many people look at major  2PL companies, independent 3PL logistics may be a better solution.   2PL Will Have Higher Costs   An independent logistician isn’t locked into rates by…

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Why Moving Services are Necessary for International Moves

international moving services

There’s nothing more exciting than an international move. It’s an opportunity for a whole new life: getting to explore new cultures and broaden your horizons. That said, you’ll want to be sure that all your most precious items arrive at your new home in one piece. That’s why you need specialized international moving services. Unlike…

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Determining the Import and Export Pipeline for Your Business

import and export services

The Importance of Import and Export Services In today’s highly interconnected and globalized world, most businesses target international audiences to maximize their profit potential. Any company that produces or distributes a product is likely connected an extensive supply chain that may begin in one country, followed by manufacturing in another and end up with the…

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How to Select the Right Shipping Container for Commercial Transport

Commercial Transport

If transporting goods is a crucial factor in your business growth, you are already aware of the delicate balance it involves between time and cost-effectiveness. To that end, you need to carefully select the shipping methods, the best possible route, and the right shipping container. Considering Frequency, Deadlines, and Optimization Let’s say you’re importing tools…

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What Kind of Shipping Containers Should I Use When Moving Abroad

shipping containers

There’s nothing more exciting than moving abroad. It’s an opportunity to get an entirely new perspective on the world. You will experience fresh food, culture, and people. With that said, we always take a little piece of home with us no matter where we go. Whether you are moving abroad or not, renting the right containers…

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