Why Moving Services are Necessary for International Moves

There’s nothing more exciting than an international move. It’s an opportunity for a whole new life: getting to explore new cultures and broaden your horizons. That said, you’ll want to be sure that all your most precious items arrive at your new home in one piece. That’s why you need specialized international moving services. Unlike your traditional moving company or just renting a U-Haul truck, getting your belongings overseas is a totally new challenge. Here are just a few of the things an international shipper can help you with.


Packing Everything Just Right

When you pack up to move across town, all you need to do is throw some things in some boxes and you are good to go. When headed internationally though, it gets much more complicated. To begin with, all your things must be wrapped and organized large waterproof containers. In addition, you need to be sure that the boxes are safely contained so your valuables don’t break in transit. What’s more, packing yourself has been illegal for nearly twenty years for national safety reasons. Don’t worry, professional movers will pack and load everything for you at your home.


Understanding Customs Laws

When headed abroad on an airplane, customs seem pretty straightforward. You declare any valuables or goods you might have that exceed a certain price. Most of the time, you’re likely traveling with nothing you actually have to declare. But when you are moving a house, clearing customs becomes much more complex. Each country has their own process, charges, and laws and if you do not declare things exactly by the correct standard, it will not only delay your shipment by possibly months, but will also cost you a lot more.


Estimating How Much Space You Need

This is one of the trickiest things to figure out. To begin with, the vast majority of shipping containers are either twenty or forty feet. But what does that mean in terms of needing to pack up half a bedroom, your living room, and kitchen? Professional moving services can help you make an estimate of what kind of container you’ll need and the total cost, so you know exactly how much money your move will cost.


Door-to-Door Shipping

More than anything, international moving services are there to make sure everything arrives in one piece starting from the origin, all the way to the final destination. This is where the importance of working with freight forwarders is clear. Unlike standard movers, these are the brokers who make sure the best people possible and making sure the entire process runs smoothly. This includes the most important part—having a qualified agent pick up your things after they have cleared customs.


Getting the Expert Knowledge from International Moving Services

Moving abroad is an exciting opportunity, but figuring everything out from where to live, where to send your kids to school, and how to adapt to a new country can be a difficult challenge. That’s why when it comes to moving services, your best option is to leave it to the professionals. They can help you with everything from full truckload shipping to clearing customs, and everything in between.


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