The Differences Between Independent 3PL and Large 2PL Logisticians

When shipping a product, whether it’s a single item for an individual or numerous items for a business, choosing the right shipper is essential. While many people look at major  2PL companies, independent 3PL logistics may be a better solution.


2PL Will Have Higher Costs


An independent logistician isn’t locked into rates by a corporate entity, which is why it can often offer lower rates than big box companies. They develop stronger partnerships with certain carriers and agents all over the world. This allows them to negotiate for the best prices.


These companies can identify the best routes for the delivery of your package to anywhere in the world. They don’t need to follow standard practices for a one-size-fits-all approach as seen with large corporate shippers. The shipper may be able to consolidate smaller shipments to acquire the best freight rates.


Small and independent companies aren’t locked into procedures governed by a central office. Instead, they can find what works for each individual customer and located the cheapest inland routes to help a business or individual save money. They also operate on a smaller budget because they contract out the transport services with carriers that provide the best services at the lowest rates.


3PL Will Give You Personalized Service


2PL logisticians have specific procedures for how they handle packages coming into their location. Customers must follow those procedures as directed. With an independent logistician, you can enjoy more personalized service.


A freight forwarder can prevent shipment delays by helping the customer plan ahead. They know the potentially busy times for each country or region, which can allow the customer to include extra time in delivery for customers.


If you’re shipping an unusual package because of size, shape or other features, an individual company will often be in a better position to accommodate your situation. They can also ensure your unique package is insured correctly to pay for any losses if it doesn’t arrive safely. Of course, many times, the item is priceless in sentimental value or for other reasons. In this situation, the freight forwarder may take extra precautions to protect the package you wouldn’t receive with a large shipping company.


No two companies have the same needs, which is why an independent shipper can provide customized service. With international transportation, you need someone who can fill out paperwork and clear customs without delaying the delivery of the shipment.


If you have special needs, an independent logistician can more easily accommodate limitations and restrictions while ensuring your package arrives in a timely manner. They are able to adapt the solution to find a cost-effective method of transportation to ensure everything is delivered safely and in good condition.


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