How to Use a Freight Forwarder to Prevent Shipment Delays

We’re living in the age of free 2-day shipping and instant purchases as an expectation for everything available online. For retail businesses and e-commerce companies, this means there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure products arrive quickly to customers. You’re coordinating with manufacturers, vendors, shipping providers, and a freight forwarder. Each piece of the puzzle must be on time in order to have the right inventory when you need it, especially with limited warehouse space to make the entire process work seamlessly.

During busy shopping seasons, it can be difficult to manage all these logistics, but the last thing you want to do is run out of your products and lose out on valuable sales opportunities. Here are a few ways to streamline the process and turn the busy season into a serious opportunity for your business.


Setting Clear Delivery Expectations

When your customer orders something from your store, set clear delivery expectations up front. When customers understand how long their order will take to ship, they’re more likely to be satisfied with the delivery. Always overestimate. Early delivery is a treat, but a late delivery can be a major pain point for your customer. This is especially so around holidays–when they may be gifting your products. Be realistic when orders are placed and be communicative with customers to set the right expectations.


Shipping Refunds and Guarantees

Once you’ve done your due diligence and estimated shipping arrival, set a guarantee. If you can afford it, provide a refund for the full or partial cost of shipping if it’s not met. This will give your customer more trust in your company, and you may have better customer retention in case something does go wrong. When you prove you’re willing to proactively make good on any shipping delays, customers are more likely to return to you.


Software for Mass Shipping

Invest in software or an online platform for mass tracking, ordering, and rate negotiation. If you’ve outgrown tracking orders on spreadsheets, there are several services available on the market to help automate your shipping process. The best platforms offer insights into where your shipping process can improve, including where it gets delayed most often.


Use a Freight Forwarder

Use a freight forwarder in your shipping process. A freight forwarder is an expert in mass shipping management and can simplify the process. They take the guesswork out of customs, insurance, and managing multiple shipping providers. When you’re working with a trusted freight forwarding service, you can rest easy that delays will be avoided.

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