How a Freight Forwarder Delivers Value with Shipping Logistics

In retail, e-commerce, or product-focused business, shipping logistics can quickly become time-consuming and costly. Transporting goods from the manufacturing facility to a warehouse or point of sale can involve several methods of transport, countries, and different insurance needs based on the type of good. Luckily, there are B2B services in the market that streamline the shipping logistics process for your organization – called freight forwarders.


What is Freight Forwarding?

A freight forwarder acts on behalf of your company to coordinate commercial transport via the most cost-effective methods that are suited to your business. While freight forwarders do not physically move goods, they are experts in finding solutions to transport your goods from point A to point B. The company will liaison with your team to select providers and orchestrate the details of a transport or shipment, including communicating with the shipping provider, negotiating rates, and determining the right shipping method for an organization.


Why Use a Freight Forwarder for Shipping Logistics?



Freight forwarders increase efficiency in the shipping logistics process. Based on your shipping needs, a freight forwarder not only negotiates rates on behalf of your company but coordinates the timing and methods that will be the best match for your company. They are experts in combining several forms of transportation, including air, rail, sea, and ground shipping. With a great freight forwarding partner in your business plan, you can save time and money, increasing your bottom line.

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Customs and Insurance

Customs forms are confusing, especially when you are shipping large volumes of goods. Freight forwarders have the expertise necessary to transport between countries and navigate the complex customs and insurance requirements required of each country. Especially if your shipment will make stops in several countries on its trip to your facility, freight forwarders are a great resource to ensure government compliance and business security. Having a knowledgeable and reliable freight forwarding partner helps protect your business from liability and potential loss.



Who wants to coordinate shipment logistics on their own? The sheer number of hours needed to train an employee and for that employee to manage commercial logistics in-house is cost-prohibitive for many organizations. Especially if you are a small business or startup, the shipping process is best streamlined with a credible freight forwarding service. With a freight forwarder, an employee can manage the relationship with their provider but free up valuable time to focus on other important business priorities.


What Freight Forwarding Services Are Right for My Organization?

With several freight forwarding services on the market, be sure to select a partner who is not only experienced but dedicated to upholding international and local standards. You want a true, reliable partner at an affordable rate. Look for teams with experts in multiple disciplines, like administration, packing, driving, and operations.

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