Shipping Container Sizes for Freight Business Shipping

Shipping Container Sizes for Businesses

HLOG specializes in shipping goods via land, air, or sea. We provide constant communication, discounted rates, and reliable transport service. Whether you need to ship machines overseas or require specialized item handling, our team of logistics experts finds the right solution for your freight business shipping.

We have experience with clients in the following industries:

Oil & Gas








Less-Than-Container Load

Less-than-container load makes it possible to transport goods throughout the world without the need to pay for an entire cargo container. With less-than-container load, you are sharing the shipping container with multiple other clients making it an affordable and sustainable option for businesses.

Full-Container Load

When your business requires to send a shipment load that is too large to share with other shippers, using a full-container load is an option. With full-container load, you are not sharing the space with other shipper’s cargo meaning we transport directly to the destination. If your business calls for FCL, our team of experts can help move your freight.

Container Sizes

Shipping container 20FT
Length 5.900m
Width 2.352m
Height 2.393m
Volume 33 m3
Shipping Container 40 FT
Length 12.034m
Width 2.352m
Height 2.395m
Volume 67 m3
40'hc shipping container
Length 12.034m
Width 2.352m
Height 2.7m
Volume 76 m3

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Welcome to FIATA. International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA, a non-governmental organization, represents today an industry covering approximately 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms, also known as the "Architects of Transport", employing around 8 - 10 million people in 150 countries.


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